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News from Western Cape institute of estate agents

Friday, April 24, 2009, 8:40:38 AM

A new era dawns in the cape estate agency sector

The new era of “true professionalism” promised by the Western Cape branch of the Institute of Estate Agents has become a reality:  this month saw the first 800 estate agents to qualify under the new National Qualifications Framework Level 4 receive their certificates at a function at the Grand West Casino. 

The occasion was sponsored and organised by SSETA (Services Sector Education and Training Authority), the award being made by their CEO, Ivor Blumenthal.  Every one of the candidates received a R9 000 SSETA bursary through their training body to cover the cost of the training.

Ivan Neethling, Chairman of the Western Cape Institute of Estate Agents, said that the training through which these agents have successfully worked involved a complete reappraisal of their roles and abilities and a complete updating of the technical legal, financial and negotiation skills and knowledge required for the profession.

“Many agents,” he said, “feared that all this would be beyond them but the courses are structured to nurture those who are struggling and in the end everyone succeeded in completing their RPL portfolio. .”

The ages of the newly qualified agents, he said, range from 23 to 72 years.  Those who had already acquired practical experience and/or educational qualifications received recognition for this via the  RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) arrangement and their achievements to date are recorded in their personal portfolios which in future can be continuously updated..

Experienced agents who have held a Fidelity Fund Certificate for more than five consecutive years, said Neethling, will not be expected to write final examinations but those newer to the profession will be doing this from  the end of 2009.

“As in all good training,” said Neethling, “the candidates have gained a new respect not just for the way real estate profession  should be tackled but also for their own skills.  Many have come to realise that they have experience and skills that are not widely available today.

“Now that the “ball is rolling” and the supposed difficulties of the course have been shown to be largely mythical, we expect the rest of the Industry to respond favourably to the need to be requalified - but it should be appreciated by those contemplating joining the profession that NQF4 is now compulsory and involves a full time learnership commitment of 12 months involving  both s study and practical training.

For further information contact Ivan Neethling on 083 527 2626 or email



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